Spring 2018

Spring issue

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An antique sporting break pulled by Hackney ponies. Jacqueline Ohrstrom, whip

Four-in-Hand at Ayrshire Farm

Four-in-hand refers to four horses pulling …usually a break, park drag or a coach.  The October event at Ayrshire Farm raised funds for local nonprofits.

The Pinkham Garden

The Pinkham Garden

Historic Garden Week visitors will appreciate the history and culture of north Suffolk while enjoying nationally recognized gardens includingThe Pinkham Garden

The Danmark

The Tall Ship Danmark

Launched in 1932, the Danmark is a Danish sailing ship that trains cadets for the merchant marine with sails spanning over 17,600 square feet.


Thomas Jefferson’s Architecture & Design

The exhibition on Jefferson’s architecture–From the Grounds Up: Thomas Jefferson’s Architecture & Design–which will be shown at the University’s Fralin Museum of Art.

A Fly Fishing Safari in Iceland

A Fly Fishing Safari in Iceland

Iceland is known as “land of fire and ice” because of its extremes; molten lava fields and smoking vents, juxtapose glaciers, snow-capped mountains and fjords.

Historic Mount Fair

Historic Mount Fair

Mount Fair is a well-preserved antebellum property located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge in Albemarle County, Virginia, today, a self-sustaining farm and vineyard.